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Physical exams are a vital part of making a diagnosis when your child’s unwell, but a routine physical is also an excellent way to prevent ill health. If your child needs an exam, Ameeta Chowdhary, MSN, FNP-C, of Little Star Pediatrics in Avondale, Arizona, carries out expert physical exams for children of all ages. Ameeta is a highly experienced family nurse practitioner who specializes in children’s health, so call Little Star Pediatrics today to find out how she can help,.

Physical Exams

What are physical exams? 

Physical exams are an essential part of making a diagnosis when your child is unwell. A routine physical exam is also an excellent way to monitor your child’s health and prevent problems from developing. In addition, you might need to get a certificate to show your child has had a physical in order for them to take part in certain activities, for example, summer camp or playing sports.

It’s essential that you and the organizers know that your child is healthy and fit enough to take part in any activities. Even if they seem well in themselves, there could be underlying health problems that only come to light during a physical exam.

You’re welcome to talk to Family Nurse Practitioner Ameeta Chowdhary of Little Star Pediatrics about any concerns you or your child has concerning their health. She has considerable experience in putting children at ease, even if they feel scared of going for a physical exam. 

Often children find it easier talking to Ameeta than their friends and family about any worries they have.

What happens during physical exams?

A physical exam begins with Ameeta making your child feel comfortable and reviewing their medical history. She might also want to know about any relevant family history.

Ameeta needs to find out if your child has any symptoms or signs of illness, and asks you and your child about anything you might have noticed.

Ameeta tailors each child’s physical exam to any specific requirements they have, so what happens during your child’s exam might be different from their friend’s. Checks that are common to most exams include:

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Blood pressure
  • Heart rate
  • Respiratory rate
  • Temperature
  • Reflexes
  • Oxygen saturation

While she’s talking to your child and carrying out her examination, Ameeta is also looking for any signs of health problems, developmental abnormalities, and cognitive difficulties.

She uses various techniques to gather information about your child’s health during a physical exam. These techniques include palpation (examination by touching) and auscultation (examination by listening).

Ameeta also takes this opportunity to check your child’s immunization schedule and can give them a flu shot if needed.

What does the physical exam show?

Physical exams can reveal information about the health of most of your child’s bodily systems. Ameeta can check the circulation in their arms and legs and see how well their heart is working. She can listen to heart and lung sounds and noises in the digestive tract that can give clues as to how well these organs are functioning.

Ameeta can also assess glands such as the thyroid in your child’s neck, and any problems with the lymph nodes. Palpating the liver and other internal organs can tell her if there’s anything that feels wrong, for example, swelling. Ameeta also examines your child’s eyes, ears, teeth, tongue, feet, and hands.

To schedule a physical exam for your child, call Little Star Pediatrics today.